Tools That Help Me Stay Organized

Happy Monday! Today I wanted to share a few items that help me stay organized each week! I love a list and hand writing tasks and appointments. Below are the calendars, note pads and accessories I use to keep me organized.

Weekly Notepad | This is my second time buying this weekly calendar. I love how it is laid out and you can just toss the sheet each week. I like that it has a daily box and then also a spot for my weekly to-do list. I also love the habit. tracker box I use that to track my water, vitamins and exercise.

According to Plan | I recently go this notepad and love it. I love the look and all the different boxes. It is great quality, I hate a flimsy notepad and this one is sturdy and looks pretty.

Fridge Calendar | I love the sleek look of this calendar, fits perfect on my fridge. I use this as our family calendar for appointments, trips etc.

Gratitude Journal | I bought this journal and the kids and I each have been writing one thing every day we are thankful for. It is a nice exercise and so far they have been enjoying it.

Le Pens | The only pens I use. The best pens ever.

Highlighters | The prettiest highlighters, these just make me happy. I use different colors for kids appointments, work, gym etc.

Stickers | I love these for my weekly calendar and work calendar.

Grocery Pad | This helps me meal plan and grocery shop! You can write out your daily meals and I love the categories for grocery items.