Rug Love.

Rug + Faux Fur Throw + Cable Knit Pillows + Brass Planters

We recently got Sterling a new rug for his bedroom and get this, it is washable! I let him pick the pattern and I just love the black and white geometric print he choose. It looks perfect in his room. Walmart has a huge selection of washable rugs and they come in the prettiest patterns. They are super affordable as well, most are under $100. A great inexpensive way to spruce a room up! I love the idea of a washable rug with kids and a dog, less stress, less worry knowing we can just wash it! These would also be great in a playroom or high traffic area as well. They look way more expensive than they are! We have been really pleased with his. It just brightens up his room and makes a nice statement. If you are curious about sizing we did a 5×8 in this one!

I had to snap a photo because when the rug arrived, Dolly thought it was a new bed for her:)

Below are some of the other awesome washable rugs from Walmart. You can click the small photos underneath to shop them!

Thanks to Walmart for partnering on this post!