Gift Guide | The Boys

Needless to say in general I find men and boys harder to shop for. This Gift Guide definitely took more time than the girl’s gift guide. Many of these items Sterling owns and loves, many I think he would love and my sister sent me a few her boys love/want as well. Not many toys on this guide because frankly Sterling has outgrown most toys. Hope this is helpful!

Rumpl Puffy Blanket | My sister had one of these on beach vacation and my kids loved them so much I ordered them both one. It is like a puffy jacket/sleeping bag but blanket form. It is so so cozy and warm.

Nike Dry Fit Air Socks | Knee high socks are all the rage these days. These Nike ones are the best.

Oculus Quest 2 | This is a splurge gift but so cool. Evans has one and the kids just love it. It is the coolest virtual reality set.

LED Basketball Goal | Sterling loves all things LED. He has lights all around his room. I love the idea of this basketball goal that changes colors.

Shape Shifting Box | This was rated a top toy. It looks really cool for the older boys. It can transform into 70 different shapes and has 36 rare earth magnets.

Sky Light Projector | We gave Sterling this last year and he uses it every single night. It projects green stars over a blue cloud. It is really cool and he loves it while he sleeps.

Kanken Bookbag | Sterling has this book bag and uses it when we travel. It is nice because you can hold it by the handles or wear as a book bag.

Waterproof Shower Speaker | For the music lover, we have one of these and the kids love it.

Monogrammed AirPods Case | I gave Sterling this case in black for his birthday. Its a sleek modern case for the boys.

Instant Camera | Always a fun idea for the kids. They will never know the joy of disposable cameras and not knowing what pictures would print -haha!

Garmin Vivofit 2 | I had not heard of this but my sisters boys wanted one so I looked it up it and looks cool for the kids. It is a fitness tracker and you can also track and reward chores as well

Speed Storm Battle | This is another idea my sister shared with me that her boys want. It looks like such a fun game for older boys.

Nerf Gun Set | This is so cool for kids that have Nerf guns already. Lots of accessories.

Nike Vintage Sneakers | Sterling keeps telling me Nike sneakers are what’s cool. These vintage ones are awesome.

Lululemon Shorts | My mom bought Sterling a pair of these shorts and he loves them! Great fit and quality.

Reflective Football | If your boys love sports this reflective football is uber cool!

Flashing Cube Memory Game | Honestly this seems like something we all would love. A fun more grown up memory game.