Gift Guide | For The Girls

Alright, it is mid October but here I am with my first gift guide of the season. It sounds like everyone (including me) is shopping early this year because of shipping delays. Im starting with a gift guide for the girls. This is based on items Frances Moon loves and has on her wishlist!

Cry Baby Doll | This is Frances newest obsession. She carries her cry baby everywhere. They have lots of different ones and they are all pretty cute.

Pop Tubes | Frances loves all Fidget toys. These are really fun because they can hook together to make things as well as pop.

Monkey Noodles | This is another fidget toy Frances loves as well. These are great stocking stuffers. Frances will sit and play with fidget toys and be totally occupied.

Spot it Game | My trainer told me about this game and we just got it, and it is so fun. Up to 6 people can play and you try and be the first to spot a particular object on the card. Frances gets really into, a fun family game.

Earbuds | Frances really wants a pair of earbuds but I am not paying for the Apple ones for her. These are cute and a good inexpensive option for younger kids.

Squishmellow | Frances Moon can never have enough Squishmellows, she just loves them. I especially like this pineapple one.

Beaded Name Necklace | I am ordering one of these for Frances and my niece Augusta, they are just precious.

DIY Bracelet Kit | Frances loves making bracelets and I like that this kit doesn’t have small beads.

Princess Tent | This would be so cute to set out from Santa with their gifts inside. Looks like it is easy to put up and collapse.

Doll Bike Seat | Frances has been asking for one of these for her doll because she likes to take her everywhere. This easily attaches to bikes and scooters

Mochi Squishies | Another Frances Moon favorite, she loves to line these squishes up and take them everywhere.

Magic Clay | We have this clay and both kids love it. It is really fun to make different animals and shapes.

Little Miss Books | I loved these books as a little girl and now Frances loves them too. She loves getting to pick a different person each night to read about. I love that they are short books and so cute.

Mini Trampoline | Frances has been begging for one of these mini trampolines after she used one at a friend’s house.

Fuzzy Slippers | These come in lots of colors and look very cozy.

Mini Baby Dolls | I just ordered these because Frances likes anything tiny. She is gonna love these cute dolls.

Plus Plus Blocks | If you don’t own these mini blocks they are awesome. We have had them for years and both my kids loved them. Frances still loves building with them.