Recent Amazon Finds

Hot and Spicy Whisps | I am totally addicted to Cheese Whisps and this new flavor is my new favorite. The bite of heat is so good.

Beaded Bracelets | the quality of these bracelets is amazing. They remind me of ones I have seen that cost triple the price! They work well alone or layered.

Tie Dye Sweatshirt | I always love anything from the Amazon The Drop Line. This tie sweatshirt is so cute and comes n several other colors as well.

Dog Bowl Attachment | This is so awesome for taking your dog to the beach or park or even an outdoor restaurant. You can store water in the bottle and it has a detachable bowl for them to drink out of.

Cordless Water Pick | Great for flossing, especially braces. My kids hate flossing so this makes it so much easier for them. Especially great if you have kids in braces.

Silk Pillowcases | I usually swear by Slip pillowcases and still do but wanted to try a less expensive option and really have been pleased with these, much better than my Alaska Bear ones I bought a year or two ago. I loved this charcoal color.

Watch Band | I have gotten so many compliments on this watch band and I just love the neon color. It is under $10 and if you don’t like neon pink it comes in several color options. I think the quality is comparable to my Apple one.

Watch Band | I also ordered this gold one for a nicer option and love it as well.

To Do Notepad | I love how this notepad is broken into groups, like to do list, gratitude and and self care.

Decorative Boxes | I loved the sleek and modern look of these. I am planning to use them in Frances Moon’s room for jewelry and hair accessory storage.

Pop-It Game | I of course ordered this for Frances Moon because she is pop it obsessed. The cutest little pop game.

Molly Baz Cook This Cookbook | I recently got this cookbook and have been loving it so much!! We made the Roasted Tomato soup this week and it was incredible.

Silicone Snack Bowls | My sister had these and I promptly ordered them! I love the tie dye. They are a good size too.

Gray Malin Coffee Table Book | I recently got this coffee table book and have so enjoyed looking at all the gorgeous photography.

Northface Hat | These Northface Hats are my favorite. I Love this new bright orange color.