My Favorite Foods to Buy on Amazon

Olives | These are the perfect snack, only 20 calories and so delicious! I love every single flavor.

Cheese Whisps | I have been eating these for years but recently became obsessed with this Asiago Paperback flavor. They have the perfect touch of heat! I love these for entertaining

Rick’s Pickles | I love any and all pickles. These are a fun flavor with the cumin and lime, and again love the snack pack size.

Artichokes | If you love artichokes these are so tasty. They are lightly marinated and just so light and fresh. I eat them right out of the bag but they are also great tossed in salads.

New Primal Spicy Beef Stick | These are my favorite beef sticks. I love the heat and flavor.

Tonnino Tuna | The only tuna I buy! I love every single flavor. Trust me if you have not tried this tuna it is a game changer. My favorite flavors are the jalapeno and lemon pepper.

Daily Crunch Cherry Melody | I love all Daily Crunch nuts. This is perfect to just grab and go. The sprouted nuts pair perfectly with the blackberries and cherries.

Daily Crunch Golden Goodness Sprouted Nuts | These nuts are incredible! I love the combo of the turmeric and sea salt. They are just so crunchy and good!

Epic Beef Broth | The best bone broth ever. This japan beef flavor is incredible.

Purely Elizabeth Granola | I love every flavor of this granola although the blueberry may be my favorite. I feel like it is one of the healthier granolas.

Brad’s Veggie Chips | These crackers are sooo good dipped in hummus and cream cheese.

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  1. Caroline Carmichael
    August 27, 2021 / 10:34 am

    Natalie. Lao Gan Ma spicy chili crisp. It is a game changer. You can thank me later! Enjoy!

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