Lululemon What I am Loving and Wearing

I have been a Lululemon fan and addict (haha) for years now! The quality and fit is just so good and I love the fun new colors they always come out with! I love that they make chic wear not only for working out but also just for wearing around town. I always feel put together in my Lululemon gear. I wanted to share some new finds I am loving like bikers, yep you read that right I now have jumped on the biker trend and love it. I am also sharing some old all time favorites, all perfect to mix and match together.

Oversized Sweatshirt | The perfect oversized sweatshirt. I love this paired with leggings, also equally chic drapped over your shoulders. I do a size small in this.

Perfectly Oversized Crop Sweatshirt | I am usually not a cropped kind of girl but this one is not overly cropped. If you size up it is really not too cropped at all. I have a size 6 and an 8 and almost prefer the 8 better for a looser fit. I can’t even explain how the material or how this feels, but it is pure bliss.

Lululemon Align Shorts | I never thought I would ba a biker type of gal but man I love these biker shorts. They are so comfortable and silky soft. Like the Align legging but in a biker version. I wear a size 6 in this style.

Lightweight Hooded Jacket | If you want an easy lightweight rain coat this is for you! I bought this stone color but I love every single color this jacket comes in. It looks adorable over workout clothes. You can wear with a hood or keep it zipped up. I bought a 6 in this style.

Wunder Under Train High Rise Bikers | I also got a pair of these to compare to the Align biker. I love my Wunder Under leggings so knew I would love these. These are definitely more structured and offer more support than the align. I also wear a 6 in this style.

All Yours Tee | I buy this tee time and time again. I love the oversized fit. I size down to a 4 in this style because it runs large.

All Yours Tank | This is the same style as the tee shirt but tank top version. I love both equally. Same looser fit, I also do a 4 in this tank top.

Inner Glow High Rise Shorts | These are great casual shorts. They are a soft cotton Terry fabric and just so comfortable yet still super cute. I love them paired with a tee, tank top or the oversized sweatshirt.

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