My Make-Up Brushes

I have had some requests to share what make-up brushes I use and love. I am no make up expert by any means but these are brushes I have been using for years and truly love them and feel like they work well for my skin.

From Left to Right my brushes are :

Artis Oval 6| I use this to apply my foundation. I have been using this brush probably 4 years now. It perfectly and seamlessly applies foundation. I love the cosmefibers because they are so gentle on your skin and they also help to conserve your foundation because a little goes a long way with this brush. It gives your face such an even finish. I still have a code for 25% off any Artis brushes with code 25NATALIE.

Gloskin Beauty Flat Top Kabuki Brush | This is my favorite brush to apply my pressed powder. It gives nice coverage and I really like the flat top for application purposes.

Beauty Blender on a Stick | I love having my blender on a stick! I use this to apply my concealer. I find it is mush easier to apply with the handle.

Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer Brush | Lindsey Reagan Thorne recommended this bronzer brush to me and I love it. I feel like it evenly distributes the bronzer and not too heavily.

Gloskin Beauty Dual Fiber Eye Brush | I use this brush to apply eye shadow all over my eye lid.

Artis Brush Oval 4 | I use this brush in combination with my beauty blender for concealor. I find that both it and the beauty blender are super gentle on my underage area.

Artis Brush Oval 3 | I use this brush to go in with a darker eyeshadow on my crease line. I don’t use this one everyday, mainly if I want a heavy smokier eye.

Face Mask Brush | I love a brush to apply certain face masks. My particular brush is no longer being sold but I found a great set on amazon, I like that comes with more than one brush.

Artis Palm Mini Brush | I also like the Artis Palm Mini Brush for highlighters and blush.

I will say if you want to try all the Artis brushes Sephora has the 10 piece set on sale right now for almost $100 off.

Also I swear by this brush cleaner, the best and it dries so quickly!

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