Easter Basket Ideas

I had a request to share Easter Basket ideas. As the kids get older it gets harder to think of items they would like and that are not just crap. I alsed both of them for Easter Basket ideas for this post and Sterling said “money inside eggs” haha smart boy and Frances said “fidget toys” her new obsession. Here are a few items that I think would be cute in baskets for kids around our age.

Easter Craft Kit | I just ordered this craft kit for the kids. I will probably give this to them Easter weekend to decorate before Easter Sunday.

Easter Egg Painting Kit | We bought this last year and the kids loved it. It has cute wooden eggs you can paint.

Scratch Off Mini Notepad | We put these in Sterling’s stocking over Christmas, it is cute idea for the older kids.

Woven Straw Bag | Super adorable purse for the girls. Frances loves a little purse to carry her toys around.

Mermaid Headbands | These headbands are fun colors and such a great price for 6.

Silk Pajamas |Both Sterling and Frances Moon love these pajamas. They are honestly the only pjs Frances wants to wear now. They run TTS Frances wears a 7/8 and Sterling wears 11/12.

Origami Kit | We recently checked out a library book on origami and the kids have been hooked ever since. Cute craft idea.

Krispy Kreme Jellybeans | My kids would love these.

Monkey Foam | This stuff is so fun to mold and doesn’t make a mess like slime!

Drawing Book | Both of my kids love learning to draw things, this would be cute paired with special pens.

Water Bottle | I like the idea of a practical gift in the baskets. We did yeti water bottles last year but now my kid’s like a larger size. I ordered these over Christmas and they are great.

Stuffed Macaroon | Sterling has kind of outgrown stuffed animals but Frances still loves them and I find Jellycat makes the best ones. This macaroon is adorable.

Waterbead Balls | Both of my kids love these. It is nice they come in a pack of 3 to separate for each kid if you have more than one.

Swirl Lollipops | I did these in their basket last year and they loved them!

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