Etsy Finds

I have recently become hooked on Etsy. You can find some really great stuff if you dig around a little. Here are a few recent finds I am loving.

Saint Laurent Sweatshirt | I just ordered this one, you can find some awesome sweatshirts on Etsy.

Notepad | I ordered this for the new year and love it for my to-do lists.

2021 Calandar | I love this adorable calendar.

Wooden Handle Coffee Mug | These are so cool and I love the lids.

Kid’s Name Sweatshirt | I ordered these for both Frances and Sterling, so cute.

Mask Pouch | I love the idea of this to keep in my car and also for the kids to use at school.

Acrylic Chore Chart | This is genius. We have paper chore chart sheets but this seems less mess and waste plus so chic.

Pillow | I order most all our pillow covers on Etsy. This Kelly Wearstler fabric is so good.

Sideways Initial Ring | Love this with your personal initials or children’s initials.

Spice Labels | This has the organizing freak in me cheering. I am obsessed with these minimal labels.

Nesting Bowls | These are gorgeous and could be used so many things.

GG Slippers | Gucci inspired slippers, so cute.

Splatter Paint Bowls |Such a cute housewarming gift idea!

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