Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Adults | Under $40

Hand Sanitizer | This is the cutest travel size organic hand sanitizer ever.

Lens Wipes | We all love these. I keep them in my car, purse, desk you name it! Great for cleaning screens and glasses.

RMS Mini Lip Set | I actually bought this set for myself and love it. The cutest pocket size lipstick and packaged so cute! Plus all the colors are great. I gave Frances Moon the clear one:)

Lepens | I am addicted to these pens. I just ordered a new set. The best black pens.

Pill Case | The cutest modern pill case.

Slip Hair bands | I have these and love them, they don’t damage your hair at all.

Silicone Straw Set | Another item we own and love. The travel cases are perfect for road trips and school lunches.

Set of 3 Nylon Wine Bags | I just ordered myself these! So cute to have on hand to take wine to a friends house and easy compact storage.

F Headband Set | I have these headbands and love them, so fun.

Tech Set | Cute idea for the guys

Halo Portable Charger |We actually ordered these for the kid’s stockings. Perfect for charging the phone and iPad so they don’t have to physically be near a plug.

Truffle Oil | I have a serious weakness for truffle oil. This is a cute gift set.

Citrus Press | If you don’t own one of these you need one. I use mine daily for hot lemon water, salad dressings, drinks etc.

Gratitude Journal | This is only $6 and so simple, I want to get one for all of us.

14 in 1 Tool | a good one for the guys.

Wine Stopper with Plug | This is genius to help save wine longer! Seals and plugs it.

Catchall Dish | So pretty only $15. I love these for my rings at night.

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