My Wishlist

These are a few items on my current wishlist.

Golden Goose | I am on the hunt for a new midi pair and feel like this pair would go with everything.

Pebbled AirPods Case | I have a cheapie case from Amazon and want a nicer one. I have a phone case from this same brand and love it.

Velour Robe | My old robe is falling apart and love the idea of a velour one.

Bowls | Ever since I saw these Amber Lewis bowls I can’t get them out of my head.

Appetizer Set | Love this for entertaining, perfect for so many different appetizer uses.

Lululemon Jacket | Love the style of this jacket. Comes in 3 colors.

Julie Vos Ring | I love all my Julie Vos statement rings. I don’t have black and love the idea of it although I also love the other 3 colors as well.

Bala Weights | these adjustable weights seem so cool and have been all over the internet lately so of course I want a pair!

Dr Barbara Sturm Discovery Kit | This is new line I am loving, would love this kit to try some more products.

Isabel Marant Tote | love this oversized tote, I have been wanting an Isabel Marant one.

Coupe Glasses | I have been lusting after these for awhile. They are such chic glasses.

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