Gift Guide For The Men

I often find men are the hardest to shop for. I am actually proud of this gift guide,Evans sat down and helped me pick out some really awesome gifts that we think the men will love at various price points.

Halo Multipurpose | Evans has one of these and it is amazing. You can charge multiple devices, including wireless, USB and things requiring AC power (like a laptop). His favorite thing is you can jump start a battery with it also.

Carhartt Hat | I love a man in Carhartt. This comes in several colors and is under $20.

Stud Finder | Evans insists I include this as it is one of his favorite tools. This helps you find a stud to hang and it also detects electrical wires.

AirPods Case | I love how masculine this case is, simple and sleek. Comes in 3 colors.

Leather Martini Shaker | Perfect for the martini lover and currently on sale!

Yeti 5 Gallon Bucket | We just gave Evans one of these for his birthday. Our neighbors have one and use it all the time. Has lots of fun accessories too.

Barbour Quilted Coat | A classic coat for the guys.

Whiskey Ice | I love that this comes with a set of both the square and sphere ice cube molds. Pair this with a bottle of nice bourbon or whiskey for a great male gift.

Robe | This robe is under $50 and looks super plush, comes in 4 color options.

Multi-Purpose Pen Set | This pen set has 8 combined features – super bright Led Light, Stylus Top, Standard and Metric Rulers, Bubble Leveler, Bottle Opener, Flathead and Phillips Screwdriver, and a Ballpoint Pen. I honestly want this for myself.

Mongrammed Decanter + Glass Set | I gave my brother in law this for his birthday. He loved it.

The Daily Stoic | I love this book and read it daily. I also gifted it to my Dad last year, I think it is a cool and different gift especially pertinent this year. It has a different inspiring passage for each day.

Magnetic Pick up Tool | This is something I think any man would find useful. It has a built in LED light with magnetic head for picking things up like screws. It is a compact to fit in your pocket and it extends 3 feet.

Ember Mug | This is on everyone in my family’s wishlist. I swear I reheat my coffee 4 times a day and this keeps it warm for hours.

Bug- a – Salt | We have been raving about this bug gun for the last year. It is wonderful for killing flies! Easy to use and no mess.

Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener | My Dad had this on his Christmas list. Great price and great reviews.

White Truffle Hot Sauce | My sister and brother in law swear by this especially on pizza. Perfect for the foodie.

Looft Electric Lighter | Another one on my Dad’s list. This lights a grill or fire in 60 seconds,

Oyster Bundle Set| For the oyster lover. We have tried these and loved them, some of the best oysters and a great local company to support.

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