Gift Guide for Boys

For some reason the boy and men gift guides are the hardest to me. Women I know and get boys not so much. This Gift Guide is geared towards boys probably 7/8 and older. I had Sterling sit down with me and help me select things he would personally like. I know everyone loves legos but there are no legos on here, we have so many as I imagine many of y’all are the same- I am over them! Also we are out of the toy stage so that makes gifts a little harder. I tried to pick gifts that were not standard run of the mill gifts and gifts the boys would actually use and love.

Britannica Kid’s Encylopedia |My sister had this on the list for her boys and I thought it was a cute idea.

Kids Against Maturity | This is such a fun card game.

Smile Instant Print Camera Starter Kit | I actually ordered this for both Sterling and Frances Moon. It looks really cool and I love that it comes with printer paper, stickers, markers and lots of fun stuff.

LED Lights for Bikes | Sterling loves LED Lights he has them around all the widows in his room. You can choose rainbow or solid colors for the bike wheels.

Alarm Clock | This is a touch control, blue tooth speaker, color changing, dimmable night light + alarm clock.

Rechargable Laser Tag Game | Such a fun game and I love that it requires no batteries.

Gaming Headset| Sterling has these and they work great for gaming.

Fortnite Boxers | I don’t know about y’all but Sterling loves Fortnite, they are cute and not super tacky like some of the gaming tees.

Digital Watch | This comes in lots of color options and is under $20!

Leather Cord Organziers | These are a great way to manage all the kid’s cords. Evans I discussed getting each kid a set so they stop stealing our cords.

Plush Robe | Sterling has been begging for a plush robe, love this one.

Giant Tumbling Timber Game | One of our favorite restaurants has this game and the kid’s love it. This is a giant version and really fun.

Waterproof Digital Action Camera | This seems like such a neat gift. The kids can film videos dry or underwater and upload them.

Vans | Love this new style of Vans. Sterling is a huge fan of Vans.

Counterman Set |Beautycounter for the guys. I actually ordered this set for Sterling to have some nice clean bath products.

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