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Several months ago I saw an instagram ad for The Our Place Always pan and I immediately ordered one. It has turned out to be my most favorite and most used pan in my kitchen.

I love the Our Place Always pan for so many reasons. It is non toxic (it is free of Teflon, PTFE’S and PFA’S), non stick and super easy to clean. They even include a sponge with the pan to clean it with, but any sponge with a little water and soap will work. The pan was designed to replace 8 traditional cookware pieces- you can braise, sauté, steam, fry, sear, boil, and strain- the list goes on! This one pan serves all your kitchen needs.

The pan comes with a strainer (perfect for steaming veggies), pour spouts on each side to make serving up food easy and a slotted spoon rest. The wooden spoon won’t scratch or damage your pan.

They just released a new bamboo steamer set– great for dumplings, edamame, veggies, fish and tamales just to name a few! It is hand woven and comes with chopsticks and 25 liner sheets.

When I ordered mine there were only 2 colors to choose from and now there are 6 gorgeous colors. They just released this new blue color “Blue Salt” for the holidays and it is. such a stunning color. It is named after a rare salt from an ancient salt lake in Iran.

They also have a line of serving pieces that are fabulous. I have the plates and glasses and love them. They are so sleek and modern and durable. I love that the plates have a small lip to keep food contained. The cups and plates are stackable which is great for saving space!

A few other fun facts about the company. It is female founded by Shiza a human rights activist who co founded the Malala Fund. She was named one of Time’s 30 under 30 people changing the world. She created the pan to embrace the connection cooking brings across all cultures, which I love! The company has a great give back initiative and have donated over 200,000 meals to date to help fight hunger during Covid. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this company and their products!

They have graciously given me a code if you guys want to try the pan or any of the serving pieces you can use code NATALIE10 Two save $10 off any orders! The pan would make a fabulous gift for the holidays!

Thanks to Our Place for sponsoring this post!

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