Gift Guide | Amazon Practical Gifts For Anyone

I think we all love Amazon:). I wanted to share some personal family favorites that make great practical gifts for everyone!

Natural Silk Pillowcase | I have both the Amazon silk pillowcases and the SLIP ones and honestly I love them equally- and the Amazon ones are half the price. We use these on all our beds ! I have the king and queen sizes in white, but they come in so many colors!

Neck + Back Heater | I bought this during Prime Day and have been loving it. I let my parents use it while they were in town and they were hooked. I love that it feels like a warm blanket wrapped around you.

Satin PJS- A wonderful gift for women of any age! These are my go to pajamas as of lately. I wear a size medium.

Acupressure Mat | I bought this 3 years ago and love it. Wonderful for relieving neck and back pain.

Photo Printer |We gave my parents one of these printers a few years ago. Super easy to use and print photos at home.

Stud Finder | Evans insisted I include this on the gift guide. I gave him this a few months ago and he loves it! Wonderful for hanging things and making sure there are no electrical wires in the wall.

Portable Air Compressor + Battery Jump Start | I think everyone needs one of these in their car! I can’t tell you how many times I have used this. My battery died once and my best friend came to help me and had this and I promptly ordered it. It charges your battery and also can put air in your tires!

Nespresso Coffee Maker | We love our Nespresso coffee maker and this one is on sale! Best coffee!

Digital Photo Frame |. We gave my dad this several years ago and he still loves it. I think they are even better quality now. Great for streaming photos!

Weight |BMI Scale– I got this scale last year and love it. You can sync it with your phone and I love that it measures your weight and BMI.

Beats Wireless Headphones– I bought these over Black Friday last year and love them. The kids love them too.

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