Daily Items I Use

My friends Somewhere Lately did a post about the items they used daily and I loved it so much I wanted to do one of my own. These are a handful of products I use every single day!!

Diffuser– I use thIS everyday. I just ordered this set of floral oils and the house smells amazing,

Nest Bamboo Room Spray– This is my favorite NEST scent. I spray this daily.

Silk Pillowcases– We now have all silk pillowcases on our bed. I love these from Amazon, we have several in the white color.

Dressing Mixer– I make a salad almost everyday and love this shaker to make my own dressings.

Melamine Plates– I love these for the kids, I serve most of their meals on these.

Equilibria CBD Oil Drops– I take these drops every night before bed, they help with my anxiety and help. me sleep better. They are now back out in the mint flavor which I love. Use code nataliemason for 10% off your first order!

Ursa Major Face Wipes- I am very strict about washing my face every night. I use these after I wash my face to remove extra debris and dirt build up. They smell fresh and are a clean beauty product.

Beautycounter. Vitamin C. Serum– I have been using this about a. month now and I am obsessed. I apply it first thing every. morning. It makes your skin feel like silk.

Hydroflask- I take this with me everywhere filled with water to make sure I drink enough throughout the day.

Weekly To Do List- I use this everyday to keep track of what I need to get done weekly and daily.

Spray Dawn- if you haven’t tried this it is a MUST! makes cleaning dishes so easy.

Ritual Vitamins- been taking these for 6 plus months now. I love the minty flavor. The best multivitamin I have tried. you can use code NATALIEMASON to save 10% off your first three months.

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