Kitchen + Entertaining Favorites

I often get asked about what knives I use and bowls for appetizer trays and other kitchen favorites. I am rounding up my favorites kitchen tools from cooking to entertaining to kids.

The platter above I use all the time. It is such a good size.

Snack Bowls– I just got this set and love them. The perfect size for nuts or snack mix.

Global Knives– the best knives ever. I swear by them and they are all I use.

OXO Mixing Bowls– have this set and use them all the time for salads.

Dressing Shaker- I use this to make all my dressings.

Bamboo Bowls– I use these for snacks for the kids

Bamboo Plates- we have the matching plates as well. Great for kids.

Acrylic Napkin Holder– recently bought this and love it.

Salt and Pepper Set– perfect for cooking.

Juicer- I use this daily for lemon juice, dressings, cocktails.

Small Bowl– this is great for hummus and dips on cheese platters.

Wine Stoppers– love these for opened wine.

Storage Bowls- the perfect small set. These are my favorites

Dishtowels– I love love love these dishtowels they dry dishes really well.

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