Amazon Favorites |February Edit

Bamboo Charcoal Purifying Air Bags– so many of you recommended these when my car got rained in and they worked amazingly. I highly recommend. They even come with two to keep in your fridge.

G Earrings– recently got these and have been loving them. A fun Gucci knock off.

Clothes Hamper– bought this for our bathroom and love it. Love the color, size and fact it has a lid.

Bone Broth– this is the best Bone Broth ever. The flavor is amazing and Bone Broth is so good for you.

Make-up Brush Holder– This is a game changer love it.

Little Miss Books– Loved as a kid and now Frances Loves them too. So fun to have the complete set.

Double Towel Bar– I ordered this for both our bathrooms, it is nice to be able to have extra towel hanging space.

Light Up Goldfish– Frances Moon loves light up bath toy.

Scared Rest– heard this book is wonderful. Lots of rave reviews.

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