Organizing Favorites

With the New Year and new house I am In major organizing mode. I wanted to share some organizing and storage favorites.

Three Tier Shelve- I ordered this to organize toys in the playroom.

Shelves– I have received so many questions about these shelves and they are a steal.

Bento Box- I love these for food prep and the kid’s lunches.

Gold Rack- I ordered this for my extra clothes. It looks just like one Anthropogie has but it is a fraction the price.

Fridge Storage Bins- I have had these a year now and love them.

Two Tier Lazy Susan– I bought this to store my make up products in.

Gold Toilet Paper Rack– this is a great modern way to store TP. We have this in our guest bathroom

Glass Food Bowls- I ordered a few of these over the Christmas sale and I am smitten with them.

Marble Jewelry Stand- perfect for stacking extra bracelets and rings.

I also use this one for my perfume.

Drawer Organizer– I swear by these for my socks and underwear. they easily snap into place to fit all drawer sizes.

Silicone Holder– I use this to store my curling iron and straightener on the side of my vanity.

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