H&M Home

Have I been living under a rock? How did I not know about the H&M home section. It is so so good and affordable. A few of my favorites.

Large Pot- I ordered two of these not sure where I will use them but LOVE them.

Marbled Candle– this is so gorgeous. I saw a similar one in Charlotte that was $100. Under $20 and would make a great gift.

Marble Platter– the perfect Charcuterie board.

Marble Vase– just gorgeous also comes in black.

Hammered Plant Pot- love the look of this perfect for indoor plants

Laundry Basket- this comes in 4 colors. I how tall and skinny it is.

storage Basket– I think these are so cute to store toys in

Decorative Pillow– a great neutral pillow

Velvet Pillow– I love both the camel and ivory colors.

Rainbow Pillow– I ordered this for Frances Moon’s bed, just adorable.

Hooded towel– the cutest towel for the kids.

Kid’s Cup– these are precious.

Marble Ball- this would look great stacked on top of coffee table books.

Jacquard Towel– these are so pretty and only $5.99!

Bath Mat– matching bath mat comes in several colors.

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