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Lately I have been on a roll organizing all areas of our house and my life- haha. I wanted to share some items that help me stay organized!

Acrylic Organizer– I use this on my desk to organize mail, bills and random papers

Acrylic File Box– I have this sitting under my desk. I use to file important papers, save recipes, and the kid’s artwork. You have to buy hanging folders separately.

Baskets– I ordered these for Sterling’s room to put toys and misc stuff in.

Fridge Bins– these are great for your fridge and I also use them in my pantry as well to organize cans and other foods.

Fruit Basket– I love this for produce on your counter.

Gold Pen Holder– I have 4 of these and I organize our markers by rainbow color. Makes me happy.

Acrylic Box with Drawers– I use these for my make-up and jewelry. I have 4 of them:)

Make-up Organizer– this is where I store my everyday make-up. Also great for traveling!

Gold Wire Baskets– I use these in our bathroom cabinet to store extra toiletries.

Gold Toilet Paper Holder– I recently bought this for our hall bathroom and its kind of sad how happy it made me. Looks sleek and modern and a great way to store TP.

Drafters Tablet– I have this sitting on my desk and love the look off it. I use it for a list of monthly to-do’s.

Animal Door Mat– this is isn’t really organizational but makes your front door look cute!

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