Amazon July Buys

Boho Dress– Ordered 3 new colors in my favorite dress. I am in a size small.

Silk Pillowcases– I have the expensive slip pillowcase and while I love it I don’t want to pay that price for all my pillows. I ordered two of these to try and LOVE them. Almost identical to the Slip and a 1/4 the price.

Kid’s Headphones– I ordered the kids each a pair of these for the car and their iPads and they are great!

Face Cream– I ordered this recently and love it!! Filled with so many goodies and makes my skin feel so soft!

Sports Bra Set of 2- These are great for the price!

Dress– another great fashion find, under $30. Reminds me of Spell and Gypsy.

Glass insulated Coffee Mugs– obsessed with these. I think they are so pretty.

Biotin with Coconut Oil- this was highly recommended by you guys for hair growth. I have been taking about 2 weeks now.

Siete Hot Sauce– The best hot sauce!! I also love their tortillas.

The New Primal Beef Stick– is it weird I like these? They are so good, high in protein and all the flavors are yummy. Great for snacking on the go.

Cheese Whisps Variety Pack– do yourself a favor and buy these. Every flavor is so good. I served the BBQ Bacon flavor at Happy Hour the other night and everyone loved them

Quip Toothbrush– I got myself and the kids this electric toothbrush. I love how compact it is and it stays fully charged for 3 months.

Coloring Book– Frances Moon loves this coloring book, it has super cute pictures.

Markers- we use these markers with it. They come in a slim cylinder which makes them easy to take on the go too.

Oxo Producer Saver– I love this for my lettuce. Helps it stay fresh and crisp longer.

Tocca Diffuser– this is my second time ordering this diffuser. I have it in my bathroom and love it. I also love the Tomato Vine scent as well.

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