Amazon Prime Gift Guide + Amazon Black Friday

Today’s post is all about Amazon Prime because I love it and there are so many great deals.  Tomorrow I will have a list of all other sales!  Many of these are 24 hour Black Friday sales so act fast!

Kindle Paperlight– You can save $40 off the price of this.  I have it and love it great for traveling and you can still see in the sun.

Vitamix- This is a steal for a Vitamix.  I love mine and use it all the time.


Photo Printer– I am gonna order this for myself.  You just hook up your phone to it and it prints photos right off it.

Hand Held Steamer- I use mine all the time.  Great under $20 gift.

Camo Sweater– a great under $50.  The quality of these sweaters is awesome.  I have this exact one and love it.

Instapot- If you don’t have an instapot you need one!!  This one is almost 50% off.

Camo Shawl- the shawl from my last post is back in stock!  This is under $25 and such a great gift.

Acrylic Case- I have several of these and use them for my jewelry and make up.   Great gift for the females.


Burts Bee’s Pajamas– The best kid pajamas.

Digital Clock/Temperature Monitor– My sister just bought this and it is awesome.  Under $20.

Potter– I love the idea of this with plant.  A great in law gift.

Sous Vide – My brother in law just got one of these and it is killer.  It fits on any pot and cooks meat perfectly.  50% off right now.

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