Amazon Favorites | October Edit Part 1

Hey loves!  Today I wanted to share what I have ordered from Amazon recently.  There will be a part two hopefully tomorrow featuring all my Fashion finds.  I want to try all them on so I can share sizing info etc with you guys!


Chrissy Tiegan Cookbook– I am a huge Chrissy Teigan fan and this cookbook is so good.  So many recipes I can’t wait to make!

Nest Candle White Camilla– this is my new favorite scent.  I also love the Bamboo.  Every time I light one of these people always remark how good my house smells.

Tablet Stand- This is so great for cooking in the kitchen, my kids love it too.

Camo Scarf– This comes in several colors and is only $11.

Weekly Notepad– my version sold out quickly but this version is basically identical.


Le pens– to go along with my weekly desk pad I snagged these pens.  i am such a nerd but I love office supplies and these pens are the BEST!  This set has all the new colors.

Laptop Case– looks like Goyard but under $40! I ordered the blue case and my Apple laptop fits in perfectly.


Keratase Oil- I am loving this oil/mist from Keratase.   You apply to damp hair and not only does it smell amazing it helps revitalize dull and damaged hair.


French Butter Cookies– My neighbor Rick brought me these from Costco and I was so happy to find them online because they are amazing.  They are a French Butter cookie with sea salt.  They are so good with coffee or alone.   They come in individual packs of 3 in the box so they won’t get stale.  I am not even a huge cookie person and LOVE these.

Global Knives– I am frequently asked what knives I use and I how I chop my food so finely and it is these Global knives.  They are the best and 40% cheaper on Amazon.  They are an investment but if you take care of them they will last forever.  They will change the way you cook I promise.  I also have the steak knives.  This 3 piece set is a great starter set.


Knife Sharpener- I also recommend this knife sharpener,  if you don’t have one you need one.

Kid’s Stainless Cups- Just ordered these for the kid’s.  I like that they have lids,  because lets be real my kid’s spill stuff all the time.

Glo Skin Beauty Body Scrub– I am huge fan of all Glo Skin beauty but this body scrub is so good.  It makes my skin super soft.  I love that it comes in a squeeze bottle too.

Moon Cheese- Several of you asked what this was when I packed it in Frances Moon’s lunch.  It is basically dried cheese and so good.  Costco carries the cheddar flavor in a big bag but not the other flavors so Amazon is the best place to get them.

Hand Held Steamer– I have included this before but I keep getting several questions about it so I wanted to share again.    I love this thing and use it all the time.  I don’t even own an iron anymore.  It is perfect for traveling too.  I use it on clothes, curtains really anything!

Instapot- If you don’t have an instapot you need one!  They are awesome for so many things!  Now that the weather is starting to cool off I will be using mine all the time for soups and chili.  I especially love it for cooking dried beans.

Neoprene Wine Tote- I love these wine totes.  They are perfect for traveling or I use mine all the time when going to our neighborhood happy hours or dinner parties.  Under $10- they make a great gift too paired with a bottle of wine.


  1. Gina
    October 11, 2018 / 1:47 pm

    Hi Natalie,
    I’ve seen that laptop case on Amazon and thought about ordering it. But, what is the material like? Is it thick or like a vinyl?

  2. Jees
    October 11, 2018 / 2:58 pm

    Did you get your Goyard lookalike tote from Amazon too? So chic!

  3. Dana
    October 11, 2018 / 4:56 pm

    Please don’t support knock offs !

  4. October 12, 2018 / 5:54 pm

    I know you said you love cookbooks. I am looking at getting a new one. I see Skinny Taste just came out with one… have you tried any of hers, and if so, thoughts? TIA!

  5. tara hyland
    October 12, 2018 / 10:25 pm

    i LOVE that glo skin beauty scrub. it is a god send!!! top of my list for amazon purchases too. i love that its not too abrasive and it smells so good.

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