I tried on the shirt version of this over the weekend and loved it.  I almost bought it but decided I wanted to hold out for the dress version.  It is gorgeous.


I picked these up over the weekend at the Nordstrom sale.  They are 40% right now and such a steal.  I love them, they look cute with everything. I wore them all weekend!   My mom got the black version and they are equally as cute.  Mom paired hers with skinny jeans and I wore mine with a maxi dress very versatile.


In my search for a few cute pairs of maternity shorts, I found most are heinous.  What pregnant woman wants to wear knee length shorts??  So unflattering.  I wanted shorts that looked like regular shorts not maternity ones.  I am not a big Old Navy shopper but my sister raved about their skinny jeans so I figured I would give the shorts a shot.  They were $25 and worth every penny.  They look like expensive versions I tried on and so comfortable.  They do run on the small size so order up a size.


I finally bought some new perfume.  I swear I only buy new perfume every 3 years!  I debate forever like it is such a huge commitment.  This is the best perfume I have smelled in a long time.  It is floral and so fresh.  Obsessed with it.  Makes me happy everytime I spray it on!


Love the easy loose fit of this dress.  The pink color is amazing but the black is so classic.  Ending today you can get 20% your purchase with code TAKE20.


I have wanted these booties for 2 years now.  I have stalked them waiting for them to go on sale.  Rag and Bone shoes rarely go on sale.  I debated long and hard between the gray or black but my mom talked me into the gray- she ordered them too:)   It also sealed the deal that Gwyneth had the gray version as well.  It may seem weird to buy booties in the summer but that is the time to stock up for Fall while they are on sale.  The black version is onsale HERE– I really like them too.


  1. May 28, 2013 / 11:30 am

    HA!!! too funny we both have this dress featured today and posted around the same time. we must share a brain today because i want those booties too. too bad we don't live near each other or we could share clothes!!!

  2. May 28, 2013 / 11:33 am

    Those rag & bone booties are amazing. Glad you finally got to snag them!

  3. May 28, 2013 / 11:40 am

    Literally just bought those Rag & Bone booties on sale and they just came yesterday. They're gorgeous and I'm obsessed!

  4. May 28, 2013 / 2:52 pm

    Great list! I am in love with that pink dress! May need to add it to my maxi collection!

  5. May 28, 2013 / 7:17 pm

    I adore that Asos dress and I am so jealous of your booties that you got on MAJOR sale over the weekend!!! Hope you had a nice Memorial day!

  6. May 28, 2013 / 7:36 pm

    Love those sandals and that ASOS dress! I might need to buy one for myself.

  7. May 29, 2013 / 1:20 am

    Belated congrats!!! Been meaning to comment, always reading though:)
    YOU and the blog look beautiful, so happy for you and your family and of course LOVE these fashion picks too.

  8. May 29, 2013 / 12:05 pm

    I tried on those black and gold sandals over the weekend, but they have them here for $150 while at Nordstrom's they are only $60!! So I'm thinking on ordering them online! And I also want that magenta dress from asos, but they don't have my size, I'm literally checking the site everyday 😉

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