Bananas! A Zoe Baby is on the Way!

Rachel Zoe, finally confirmed what we have all known for awhile that she is pregnant. I am happy for her and Rodger. What I am most happy about is watching her maternity style and taking notes for the next time I am pregnant! You know she is going to look fabulous this whole pregnancy and probably stay tiny too! I on the other was as big as a house at the end of my pregnancy. At the hospital while I was walking around before being admitted to a room, someone had the nerve to ask me if I was expecting twins. That will never happen to Mrs. Zoe I am sure. I heard a rumor that she is expecting a boy, not confirmed. I am sure she is wanting a girl to pass all those clothes and jewelry on to. If it is a son maybe his future wife will get all that loot! Congrats to her and Rodger!

A first sneak at her tiny baby bump. She looks great.

**btw Matt said “I didn’t know skeletons could get pregnant.” He then asked me to post the picture of Rachel Zoe in her bikini beside this statement.


  1. November 18, 2010 / 12:55 pm

    i die! can u pls post the bikini shot? haven’t seen it!

  2. November 18, 2010 / 1:46 pm

    I am so happy for them!! Yay!!! I can NOT wait to see her maternity style!
    Skeleton comment was pretty funny!

  3. November 18, 2010 / 5:15 pm

    Wow, I didn't know! I mean I'd hear a rumor but that's great! Hope it'll be a big part of her show in Bravo!

  4. November 20, 2010 / 1:03 am

    SHUT UP! 🙂 I was GINORMOUS when I was pregnant- and pretty miserable because of it. Next time, I will totally do it differently. Did her and Brad really break up?? I'm out of the loop but looove her show!

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